The Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand, honors Melissa Panthong (Government Certified Thai Massage Professional and Teacher's Training International Curriculum) and her achievements with the highest standards and grants her the authorization to teach the following curriculum of TMC Thailand (all courses are recognized by NHPC under CCP program): 

Foundation of Thai Massage: Level I
Level 1 Foundation of Thai Massage builds a strong foundation for students the knowledge of ancient Thai massage positions cover the entire body-total 160 positions plus a full day of 2 hour full body massage training.

Thai Massage Enhancement: Level II
​Level 2 Thai Massage Enhancement course is the most effective curriculum to re-enforce and improve the foundation learned from Level 1. Stretching and 12 variation techniques is added to this course.

Therapeutic Thai Massage: Level III​
Level 3 Therapeutic Thai Massage covers how to solve different ailments such as lower back pain, strain, sprain, headache, constipation, leg cramps etc. Teacher demonstrates and points out each pressure point (acupressure points) and how to apply with therapeutic purposes. Therapeutic massage is applied together with the massage techniques learned from Level 1 and 2. The class includes massage planning to apply to the different ailments and practice to provide therapeutic massage under closed teacher’s supervision.

Comprehensive Thai Massage 90 Hour Course (Level 1-2-3) 

1. Basic Thai Massage
Basic Thai Massage is for learners who have limited time but wish to acquire basic knowledge, minimal stretching techniques and less practice time .

2. Thai Table Massage 
Thai Table Massage is the most practical Thai massage for people who prefer to work with a massage table. The content of this course is based on Foundation of Thai Massage (Level 1). The purpose is to suit the physical demand and work space to some practitioners and it is applicable to beginners as well. Practice on western style massage table with adjustable height for effective massage and body posture.

3. Thai Foot Reflexology
Thai Foot Reflexology ensures your ability to perform Thai-styled foot massages to your clients.

4. Thai Chair (Seated) Massage
Thai Chair Massage is suitable for learners with or without experience in Thai Massage.  This course will guide student how to perform back massage on a massage chair and on a regular chair position. Massage of shoulder, neck, head, arms and hands are also added. This technique enables student to be able to perform massage in most places with little set up requires.

Course Dates:  Starts April 6th, 2019, every Saturday from 10am to 5pm

Course Fees: Text or email to inquire

Telephone: +1 (587) 998-2136

NHPC: Natural Health Practitioners Of Canada
CCP: Continued Competency Program

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